Process Measurement and Control of Biological Processes

Bioprocess control routinely involves data acquisition, recording, graphing, data analysis, proportional control, proportional integral derivative (PID) control loops, time proportioning on/off, autotuning, process simulation, serial interface, parallel interface, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 communication formats, isolated analog input, isolated analog output, and digital I/O.

Because of extensive past experience, CEBTech can specify, purchase, and install process measurement and control instrumentation that uses these types of these industrial control strategies. We are confident this can be done for almost any process control situation. Much of the computer control software that has been written by CEBTech is in languages like Forth, Script, Rosemount RS3 RBL language, several types of Basic, and control strategies that are being developed using C++, and Visual C++.

Control Panels
for Five 120, 1200, 12,000
Liter Fermenters

View of Control Room
With uMAC5000, Process
Mass Spectrometer & RS3

Fully Instrumented
Computer Controlled
20L Fermenter

Fully Instrumented
20L MicroProcessor
Controlled Fermenter

Wire Frame Image
of 2 MicroProcessor
Controlled Fermenters

Interfacing Transmitters &
Computer With uMAC5000
Process Control System

Interfacing Transmitters
With a Rosemount RS3
Process Control System

LAN Diagram of
Workstations, Server, RS3
Mass Spectrometer, Printer

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