Biochemicals From Plants: Rubus - Viola

Listed below are some of the plants in the CEBTech Services Herbarium that have been shown by previous investigators to produce biochemicals that could be of industrial or medical importance.

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Scientific Name Common Name
Biochemicals & Notations
Rubus strigosus
Red Raspberry
High in tannins, used as an antinauseant, antivomiting, antidiarrheal, and astringent effects, stimulates immunity, kills viruses, (including herpes), controls glucose-induced high blood sugar, promotes insulin production, kills fungi, stimulates interferon production, multiple medicinal uses
Rumex mexicanus
Chrysophanein, 3-Methylchrysazin, chrysophanol, multiple medicinal uses
Salsola kali
Russian Thistle
Salsoline - an antihypertensive
Sanguinaria canadensis
Rheumatism remedy, a ringworm treatment, removes mucus from respiratory mucus membranes, treats skin eruptions, nose polyps, ulcers, badly healing sores, produces tormentil and sanguinarine
Scrophularia lanceolata
Dulcitol, euonymit, melampyrite, melampyrum, melampyrin, Scrophularia californica, S. aquatica, S. nodosa, S. ningpoensis all closely related have multiple medicinal uses
Senico plattensis
Groundsel, Ragwort
Senecionine, senecioic acid, seneciphylline, retorsine, senecionione, valine, leucine, isoleucine, Senico spp. have multiple medicinal uses
Sisymbrium loeselii

Seed fats with erucic acid
Solidago canadensis
Canada Goldenrod
Syringa vulgaris
Taraxacum laevigatum
Dandelion (red seeded)
Tea for heartburn, relieves cramps and pain associated with menstruation, stomach ache, treats chronic inflammation and enlargment of liver, is rich in vitamin A and C
Thlaspi arvense
Penny - Cress
Seed fats with erucic acid
Trifolium pratense
Red Clover
Uzarin (UZARA) paralyzes smooth musculature, antidote to diarrhea, potent carcinogenic inhibitor, (-)-Medicarpin, used as an antifungal phytoalexin
Trifolium repens
White Clover
Linamarin, lotaustralin, multiple medicinal uses
Trillium cernuum
Steroidal saponins as precursers for cortisone synthesis, treat gynecological problems
Urtica dioica
Stinging Nettle
Brandol, also an anti-inflammitory, multiple medicinal uses
Verbascum thapsus
Used to treat respiratory problems, hemorrhoids, poltices of it used to treat burns, scalds, boils, demulcent, allays pain, antispasmodic, multiple medicinal uses
Vicia americana
Vetch, Wild Pea
Vicianin, mandelonitrile vicianoside
Viola eriocarpa
Smooth Yellow Violet
Violutoside, vicianin, multiple medicinal uses

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