CEBTech Services can provide expertise in the fields of Environmental Microbiology and Fermentation Technology. Some examples would include:

Analytical Microbiology

Zeiss Phase Microscope
& Transfer Hood

Fermentation Production
Microbiology Laboratory

Four 14-Liter Stirred
Jar Fermenters

Anaerobic Inoculation
& Selection Apparatus

Streaking Anaerobic
Roll Tubes

Media Fill of
Anaerobic Roll Tubes

Serial Dilutions
of Anaerobes

Peptococcus constellatus
Colonies in Roll Tube, 40X

Clostridium sporogenes
Colonies in Roll Tube, 40X

Injection of GC With
Anaerobe Broth Extract

Volatile & Nonvolatile
Organic Acid Spectra

GC Demonstrations For
Med Tech Students

ruminatium, 1000X

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