Fermentation Technology

CEBTech Services can provide expertise, for companies with fermentation or cell culture equipment, in getting this equipment to function more productively. Examples would include:

Upper Level; Frederick, MD
Showing 120, 1,200,
12,000 Liter Fermenters

Nutrient Addition
Vessel for Large

Agitator for 12,000
Liter Fermenter,
(Inside View)

100 hp Variable Speed
dc Drive for 12,000 L

Three Deck View of
Fermentation Plant
Plumbing & Conduit

Main and Backup
Exhaust Filters for
12,000 L Fermenter

Operator Adding Nutrients
& Media Through
Triblender & Pumps

Inoculation of a
120 Liter Fermenter
Built By Fermentation Design

Recording Parameter
Data During an
E. Coli Fermentation

Adjusting Antifoam
Additon for
Saccaromyces sp.

Professor With
50 Liter Fermenter By
New Brunsick Scientific

View of a Fermentation
Pilot Plant With Partial
View of 3 Fermenters

Acid, Base & Antifoam
Vessels for
1,200 L Fermenters

Compressors, Chillers,
Power Panels for
Fermentation Plant

DCI - 300 Liter

A One ft3 Fermenter by
New Brunswick Scientific

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