Biomass Conversion of Renewable Resources to Usefull Products

CEBTech can assist in the development of a new, or modify an existing process that could make efficient use and conversion of renewable resources to liquid fuels, chemical feedstocks, and food sources. In doing this, materials derivable from renewable resources can be substituted for currently dwindling supplies of non-renewable materials. Below are listed several of the projects in this field that CEBTech has had experience with.

Four 5 Liter Fermenters
Using Fusarium to
Produce Cellulases

A 5 Liter Fermenter
Using Trichoderma
to Produce Cellulases

Four and Ten
Liter Solid State
Fermentation Columns

A Fourty
Liter Enzyme

Reactors Built by Lab
Producing Methane
from Corn Stover

Gas Measuring
Apparatus for Corn
Stover Reactors

Gulf Biochemicals
Enzyme Production
Reactor Diagram

Process Flow Diagram
of The Gulf Oil Cellulose
To Ethanol Project

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