A PaceSetter Rotary Microfiltration Unit

A PaceSetter Rotary Microfiltration Unit

Shown is a microfiltration unit designed by Membrex called a Pacesetter. This is a unit built for the needs of researchers for a gentle "low shear" action while separating animal or plant cells from the medium or broth they have grown in. It is portable and steam sterilizable in place.

It consists of a one-meter high stainless steel cylinder outer wall, with an internal rotating filter of stainless steel. The action of a rotating internal filter, in combination with the right spacing between the outer wall, and proper RPM, create what is called "Taylor Vortices". Taylor vortices are small currents that flow in a circular motion, in the opposite direction of the internal rotating filter. These Taylor vortices cause a gentle "cleaning effect" on the surface of the rotating filter, preventing clogging. Due to the nature of these Taylor vortices, animal and plant cell walls are not disrupted as much as in other filtration systems (10, 14, 93, 110, 115, 152, 195, 219).

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