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CEBTech provides consulting or contracting services in biotechnology, fermentation technology, animal and plant cell culture, bioprocess control, laboratory or pilot plant design and start-up, bioreactor modification, biosensor development, and down stream processing. Projects can be short term such as to specify, procure, install, test and commission various types of instrumentation or equipment, or long term as in assistance in process development over several years.

The images in this Web site are of equipment and processes that the staff at CEBTech Services have experience with. In many situations, we can help you develop your process or help contract the use of equipment like that shown in the following Web pages to carry out your scale-up or production needs.

Fisher-Rosemount RS3

These managers are working at the Fisher-Rosemount RS3 Operator Station (ROS) that provides complete process control capabilities in a graphical environment. This state-of-the-art interface provides an easy-to-understand graphical front-end that allows operators to control their plants easily and accurately. ROS provides an interactive graphical interface, animated displays, logical navigation, an extensive alarming system, and integrated ABC Batch Operation.

CEBTech has gained extensive experience configuring this RS3 System for pilot and production plant control, including interfacing of instruments, building Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), data storage and analysis, and we are confident this can be done for almost any process control situation.     Fisher-Rosemount

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